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About Marianne

Marianne is a qualified pastry chef with a professional background, and a regular baking & decorating tutor at Anna Cake Couture, Bristol and Squires Kitchen Cookery School, Farnham. She also runs frequent private courses for students in her home town of Bristol, UK and further afield.

With numerous recipes and cake projects in print, including Wedding Cakes, The Telegraph Magazine, Cakes & Sugarcraft and Vegan Living, she is a seasoned food writer and recipe developer.

Marianne also works on specialist food styling projects, using her creative and expert decorating & baking skills to create stunning cake and sugarcraft projects for commercials, stills & online marketing campaigns.

She wrote her first baking book, Nourish Cakes, to share the kinds of recipes that nourish the body as well as the soul. Her cake recipes cater for people with various dietary restrictions, whether vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, using more nutrient-rich and healthy ingredients.

An expert in recipe development, she thrives on creating problem-solving recipes that help people enjoy cake without compromise. Whether this is helping industry professionals widen their free-from repertoire, guiding novice bakers through baking or advising wedding cake bakers on the best recipes and techniques, Marianne is patient, thorough and enthusiastic in her approach.


Marianne’s work has been featured in the following online and print publications:

The Telegraph Magazine
Party Pieces
Cakes & Sugarcraft
Wedding Cakes
The Guardian
Vegan Living
Radio Times
Ocado Life
Rock My Wedding
Sainsbury’s Bake Magazine
Baking Heaven
Hip & Healthy
Vegan Food & Living
Absolutely London

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